Starting Natural Bliss


The idea for starting this blog came from two things: my interest in natural skincare (also including haircare and beauty to some extent) and my curiosity in learning more about a natural way of life – for our own sake and the planet’s. I also feel that with this interest and curiosity I might hopefully inspire other people to take a step toward a more conscious lifestyle by simplifying things. Basically, I’ll do all the research and all you have to do is take whatever you want out of what I find out.

My own way down a more natural path started a few years ago, maybe three, when I was living in Australia for a year. I guess it might’ve been because it was my first time not living at home anymore, I started paying attention to the quality of the products I used. It started with food, checking what vegetables were in season, what had been locally grown and what pre-packaged foods contained. The less additives the better. After food came skincare products, I started looking at the list of ingredients there too.

At first, and sometimes even now, it was really confusing. All these words and names that mean nothing until you actually put time on researching them. How are you as a regular consumer supposed to know what’s good and what’s bad and why you should avoid certain things?

I started with only buying organic, since it seemed like an easy way to go. The first thing I noticed was a change in my hair, I’ve always had thin, dry hair that’s never really grown much. It started getting longer, thicker and felt more healthy. From that my interest started growing and I’ve been trying and learning things as much as I can since then.

Now I want to learn more and share what I learn with other people, so you could either see that big, almost chocking change I saw in my hair (and later my skin as well), or at least do yourself a favour by not putting any more (or at least less) chemicals in your own body and the environment.

Let’s see where this takes us!

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