My hair routine, part one


As I mentioned in my first post, my way down this natural skincare path really started with my hair. I’m still no pro and my hair is far from perfect, but comparing what it was like five years ago to what it’s like today, let’s just say you’d understand my appreciation for natural products if you’d see the before and after.

My hair is very light coloured and wavy or curly (depending on the length), a hair type that is hard to take care of since both curly and blonde hair tend to get dry very easily. I’ve always had trouble growing my hair out, it’s been fragile, extremely dry and thin. I stopped going to the hairdresser probably around 7 years ago because they always cut my hair short, most likely knowing that for my hair type at the time it just looked better. Of course all I ever wanted was long, healthy hair.

When I was in Australia I kind of stumbled upon a set of organic shampoo and conditioner and started using it. Leaving all the chemicals and alcohols off my hair and scalp while at the same time putting my hair up less, being out in the sun more and mainly eating vegetables made a huge difference. Around the same time I also gradually stopped drinking alcohol which I think only could’ve had a positive effect on the well-being of my hair and skin.

I still haven’t even gone close to my hair with a pair of scissors, I guess I got so excited to see it grow and become healthy that I didn’t want to risk ruining it. Now that I’ve found a good routine with good products that seem to be working for my hair type and my lifestyle, I’ve decided it’s finally time to put some extra effort into my routine and see how healthy my hair could really get.

At the moment my hair is long, about halfway down my back, with a whole lot of split ends and still some dryness especially in the winter. I’ll return back to this topic in a few months with part two, and then later next spring with part three. Is it really worth our time and effort to try to keep up hair health and appearance? Or is hair something that is mostly genetic, either you have great, thick, luscious hair or you just have to live with what you’ve got and maybe keep it shorter to keep it looking good?

My hair routine right now:

I brush my hair every day, I try to use my bamboo comb as it’s a bit more gentle, but more often than not I use one of those plastic non-tangle brushes. It works quite well and doesn’t pull at my hair too much.

I wash my hair with shampoo maybe once a week, sometimes less. Honestly, it depends on how lazy I am since it always feels like a huge task. I’ve been using the same shampoo for a while now but I’m trying a different one starting this week, I always feel like I need to use a lot of products to moisturise my hair after washing and that’s not good. I’m giving shampoo soap-bars another go (I’ve tried a few before but they’ve never really worked for me), they’re cheap and usually the ingredients are more fuss-free than those of regular, bottled shampoos.

After washing I use a deep care clay conditioner, I like it because even though it’s quite expensive it’s lasted me almost a year so far and it actually works. It moisturises my hair without leaving it feeling oily.

Once my hair dries or if it ever feels like it needs some extra moisture, I use oil drops. The one I use right now works quite well and is completely natural. It’s a bit expensive considering coconut oil works almost as well. Sometimes it’s nice to luxe it up a bit though, since my haircare routine is so minimal.

I have to have my hair tied up at work every day, so I use a soft, stretchy hair tie that doesn’t pull at my hair, and I try to let my hair down after work.

Lastly, I use a silk pillowcase when I sleep. It’s supposed to minimise friction and thus prevent frizzy hair and split ends (and it’s said to be better for your skin than a regular cotton pillowcase as well). Whether this is true or not, I think the softness of the silk has at least made me sleep better.

I’ll try to make some changes, or maybe rather add some steps, to this routine from now on. First thing I’ll do is give myself a cut, maybe taking about 1-2cm off the ends once a month. I’ll also look up some good DIY hair masks that I can do twice a month and I’ll try the trick of sleeping with my hair braided. If you have some good hair tips, please share!

It’s also important to make an effort to be healthy on the inside, stress less, eat well and exercise. Your outside matches your inside and if your hair or skin isn’t healthy it might be because of a lack of vitamins or minerals, too much stress, hormone imbalance etc.

Here are links to my bamboo comb, conditioner and oil drops.

Remember to always read the label on a product, and keep in mind what products you try and what effect they have on your skin. Every product doesn’t work for everyone, and in natural products there might be ingredients that aren’t suitable for you. Stop using a product if any irritation appears. Also keep in mind all the experiences and opinions on this blog are my own, you make what you want of them.

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