My skincare routine part one: Winter


When caring for my skin, I try to keep things as simple as possible. Partly because I believe overdoing it creates a bad circle where the added stress of trying to perfect your skin leads to more outbreaks which leads to more stress and so on, but honestly also because even though I love learning about skincare I’m a bit lazy when it comes down to it.

My routine is ever changing depending on the season, my mood, what new interesting products I find etcetera. At the moment the air where I live is thin and dry because of the cold winter winds, so I use extra moisture and try to liven up my skin with an exfoliating face mask every now and then. My best tip to get a good cleanse and glow in the winter is the sauna. Opening the pores and spending some time in a humid environment does wonders, for both the skin and your mind.

At home however, this is my routine right now:

I have to get up at 5am to go to work every morning, so I keep the to do’s at a minimum. I rinse my face with cold water and spray on a hyaluronic acid mist (by Evolve). I use Egyptian Magic cream for my lips and under my eyes if I feel like my skin is extra dry. That’s it.

After work I wash my face with an olive oil and sea salt soap that has been one of my favourite products since I first found it a few years ago. It lasts forever and costs close to nothing. For my body I like this blackcurrant shower gel, it smells fresh and is environmentally friendly. The bottles can be refilled where I buy them so I don’t have to keep buying more plastic which is also a plus. I’m still in the search of a satisfying body moisturiser so for now I just use coconut oil when needed. On my face and neck I use a hyaluronic acid serum (also by Evolve), then do the same Egyptian Magic routine as in the morning. At night if my skin feels dry I might spray on a bit more mist but otherwise I do nothing until the next morning.

Other than the every-day routine above I use a silk pillowcase when I sleep and it feels so much softer and kinder on my skin than a regular cotton pillowcase. I also use this face mask maybe twice a month, a body scrub once a week, take a multivitamin supplement for general wellbeing, including skin and hair, as well as try to drink enough water.

I should maybe mention that I never use any makeup on my skin. I never have because I’ve never known how to, and because of that I’m completely used to and fine with my skin not being perfect all the time. I rarely have outbreaks and if I do they disappear within a couple of days, but a little redness doesn’t bother me. As long as my skin feels good and healthy, I’m happy.

In a few weeks I’ll be going from winter to summer but since the switch isn’t for that long I’ll keep the routine mostly the same, just leave out the hyaluronic serum in favour of the mist, and add an aloe vera moisturiser for days I’ve been in the sun. Plus of course an spf 50 sunscreen.

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